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Starter Selection (Orektika)
All our dishes are made with fresh local produce, and any speciality products needed to achieve these unique flavours are imported directly from Greece. 

Our wide variety of starters is designed is such a way that it can be used either as a typical three course meal (ie: one starter), or the traditional Greek way of sampling a variety of starters (meze), before your main course. We have included a standard selection of starters at the bottom of the page for the indecisive, or you can choose your own from our wide selection.
For more information or to book, telephone us on 01224-636320 or contact us via the website.

Cold Starters

Tzatziki £4.95
Thick Greek yoghurt with garlic and cucumber (includes pitta bread).  
Melitzanosalata (family receipe) £4.95
Aubergine blended with cucumber,tomato,onion,garlic,Greek yoghurt,olive oil and vinegar. (includes pitta bread)  
Chick peas blended with garlic,sesame and lemon juice (includes pitta bread)  
A smooth blend of feta cheese, Greek yoghurt, herbs, hint of garlic and olive oil. £5.50
Village salad with tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onion, olives, feta cheese and dressing  

An aromatic blend of herbs and rice, wrapped in vine leaves

Extras - Side Orders  
Feta Cheese £4.95
Pitta Bread
Black Olives
Green olives  £4.95

Hot Starters

Kolokythokeftedes £4.95
Courgettes,onions,feta cheese,herbs and spices blended together and shallow fried  
Halloumi fries
Chip shaped Cypriot cheese, fried and served with a tasty Greek yogurt sause on the side.  
Sausages, peppers and onions in tomato sauce  


A selection of hot and cold appetisers, (Price per person - min 2 persons)  
Feta Me Meli
Feta cheese wrapped in fillo pastry, fried and served drizzled with Greek thyme honey and sesame seeds.  
Garithes Yiouvetsi £6.95
Prawns cooked with garlic , tomato ,onion and herb sauce and topped with feta cheese.