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Christos Taverna Wine List
Winemaking in Greece has a history of thousands of years and a variety to match. In this wine list we have included wines selected wines from all over Greece and Cyprus. No Greek meal is complete without a good bottle of wine and here you are spoilt for choice! 

glass white wine

White Wines

House wine   Glass:£3.95 Bottle:£15.95
A crisp, dry to medium white wine      
Retsina Malamatina   Glass £4.50 £13.95
Dry wine with a light aroma of pine resin      
Moschofilero      £22.95  
Dry, refreshing, crisp and well ballanced .      
Makedonikos     £19.95
Attractive fruity medium to dry white wine, made with selected grape varieties cultivated in the perfect climate and soil of north Greece where they owe their fine aroma.      
Saint Panteleimon     £19.95
A mild semi-sweet white wine, complimented with an aromatic bouquet making it very enjoyable for any occasion.

Ergo   £23.95  
Sauvignion Blanc.Wine with typical freshness and aromatic features, medium acidity and aftertaste.      

glass red wine

Red Wines

House wine   Glass:£3.95 Bottle:£15.95
A generous, medium bodied red wine      
Makedonikos     £19.95
A medium to dry, fruity red wine, produced drawing on the established 2.300 year old tradition. The result is bursting with the rich aroma and the distinctive taste of fresh grapes.      
Naoussa     £23.95
Deep red in colour, with a strong personality. It gives off a rich boquet of ripe red fruit that comes with ageing (cinnamon,wood). Full-bodied, well-balanced.      


Aenaon                             £27.95
A great Greek Merlot. Fresh aromas of dark fruit. Soft tannins.      

Nemea Lantides
Dry wine aged 14 months in oak barrels. Gentle tannins and a rich body.       



Rosé Wines

Makedonikos Rosé  



A brilliant and refreshing rosé wine, which is crisp on the palate and has a distinctive fruit aroma.      


Other wines


Boutari demi sec  



 A fresh and fruity medium sweet  rose wine with long aftertaste.      
Medium to full bodied with smooth mouthfeel and a hint of creamy oak.From Australia.

Prosecco     £23.50
This elegant Prosecco Spumante has delicate lemon fruit notes and refreshingly lively style.      

pouring champagne into a glass


Moet et Chandon